Congratulations to the winners of Oakwood’s Most Memorable Travel Photography competition. They have emerged tops after vigorous voting by enthusiastic fans. The Grand Prize winner will soon be on his way to an Oakwood destination and will capture more special memories with his new Nikon camera. Three runner-up winners will each be presented a new Nikon camera.

At Oakwood, we know all about making great memories for guests and residents staying at our serviced apartments. Check out what some of them say about our associates in the Most Memorable Oakwooder campaign.

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Nimai Chandra Ghosh, India
I was touring Sundarbans when I saw some children enjoying themselves in the water. I will remember this fantastic moment for the rest of my life.

Willem Sorm, Singapore
Less than a year after receiving successful heart surgery, my son finally is safe to travel the world and enjoy the beauty and miracles of this world.

Nakul Sharma, India
The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen! The man and his son with their camel walking home. He told me, “I work hard everyday, I struggle each and every moment of my life to feed my family but I walk as a winner at the end of the day.

Adam Jewell, United States
I had never seen anything like this perfectly sculpted sandstone formation . The sights were simply incredible!

Congratulations To Our Winners For Voting Participation:

Winners enjoy two-night complimentary stays at an Oakwood of their choice.

Mr. Gregory Lundsgaard
California, USA

Ms. Lili Taslim
Jakarta, Indonesia

Mr. Suhas Chaudhuri
Kolkata, India

Mr. Jeffrey Lim

Mr. Emmanuel Vasquez
Laguna, Philippines