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With an award-winning portfolio of 43 properties across the region, Oakwood in Asia Pacific has a presence in 26 cities and 10 countries with developments in strategic locations. Oakwood offers five different products for travelers with different lifestyles and needs.

Oakwood in Asia Pacific is part of Oakwood Worldwide, the leading global company in serviced apartments and one of the most innovative hospitality and real estate companies in the world, with over 25,000 units worldwide.


Oakwood’s serviced apartments are designed to meet the needs of the globally mobile in different stages of their lives — from a studio for the urban single explorer to more spacious apartments with room to move for families.


As travelers become increasingly educated about the benefits that an Oakwood serviced apartment offers over a traditional hotel room, our award-winning portfolio will be grown to meet these global citizens’ needs.

Meet the Team

Dean Schreiber

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Oakwood

Managing Director, Oakwood Worldwide (Asia)


Schreiber manages the company, its properties and operations in the Asia Pacific region. He leads Oakwood Worldwide (Asia)’s business development, finance, and investor relations. He also has the responsibility of locating properties suitable for Oakwood Worldwide (Asia) management in each of the Asia Pacific countries and building the Oakwood brand.


Schreiber has nearly 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry with his career taking him to the likes of the Middle East, Australia, Hong Kong, Tibet and Singapore.


Sherman Ho

Vice President, Development

Oakwood Worldwide (Asia)


Ho is primarily responsible for sourcing key management opportunities to expand the Oakwood portfolio in the Asia Pacific region.


Since joining in 1998, Ho has been directly responsible for bringing in deals to Oakwood from Indonesia, China, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Colombo and Thailand. Additionally, he is also responsible for conducting and overseeing all financial feasibility and market research studies for Oakwood Worldwide (Asia).


Paul Stocker

Vice President, Operations

Oakwood Worldwide (Asia)


Stocker oversees all regional strategies spanning the three functions across Oakwood Worldwide (Asia)’s growing portfolio of serviced apartments and products. As the group’s footprint continues to expand in Asia Pacific, Stocker plays an important role in driving revenue-generating initiatives in the properties.


He has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry with a strong background in sales.


Bill Low

Vice President, Finance

Oakwood Worldwide (Asia)


As Oakwood grows steadily in Asia and expands into new destinations, Low plays an important role leading and overseeing Oakwood Worldwide (Asia)’s financial planning, budget management and accounting practices across 11 countries. Low has a wealth of experience having been in the industry for over 27 years. His career has seen him working in China and Singapore.


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Properties In The Pipeline

Oakwood Hotel & Residence Phnom Penh. Opening 3rd Quarter 2019

Oakwood Premier Phnom PenhMid 2020

Oakwood Suites Chongli

Oakwood Suites ChongliDecember 2020

Oakwood Residence Hanoi. Opening 3rd Quarter 2019

Oakwood Premier TongluEnd 2020

Oakwood Residence Foshan. Opening June 2019

Oakwood Residence FoshanEnd 2020

Oakwood Hotel & Apartments Dandenong

Oakwood Hotel & Apartments DandenongFirst Quarter 2021

Oakwood Premier Melbourne

Oakwood Premier MelbourneFirst Quarter 2022

Oakwood Hotel & Apartments Chongli

Oakwood Hotel & Apartments ChongliAugust 2021

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